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Brazilian Stock Car: Di Grassi will start from front row

Tomorrow Lucas will fight for his third victory in the season


Lucas Di Grassi missed his first pole position at Stock Car by a very little margin. During the eighth round of the 2018 season, at the Cascavel International Race Track, the Hero Motorsport driver was only 0s059 off the best time of day. The difference is so small that it may have been decided by a gust of wind against or in favor of one or the other driver. If he wins one of two races in Cascavel, Lucas will become the only one to have triumphed in the three rounds of the category held on the three race tracks in the Paraná State: Curitiba and Londrina – where he has already won – and now in Cascavel.

“Our lap was very good, about 0s4 faster than the other drivers, and if we consider that I was on the track for the first time yesterday, I think we’re doing very well. Of course, we can always improve, “said Lucas Di Grassi. “It was one of my best Stock Car laps to date and I was really happy with the work we did. I think if anyone had asked me yesterday if I would be happy with the front row, no doubt I would say yes. But what matters is tomorrow, when will be defined how many points each driver will conquer. And we’re going up. Even because we have nothing to lose, only to win, “added Lucas.