Lucas Di Grassi PORSCHE Endurance 2020  Luca Bassani (2)

Porsche Cup Endurance: Lucas comes second in the 500km of Interlagos

Victory came close in the final race of the season held in São Paulo

Lucas Di Grassi finished second in the 500km of Interlagos, the race that ended the Porsche Cup Endurance this Sunday (6th) in São Paulo. Having Ricardo Baptista as his partner, Lucas started from 12th position and used strategy and aggressive driving to finish just 2s3 behind the leader, even after more than four hours of racing.
“Once again our partnership in the main Porsche Endurance event was very competitive. We didn’t win narrowly and, in such a long race, the difference for the winners was really quite small. We are very happy with this good result and I hope that in 2021 we can reach the podium again – and maybe win the race. We’ll be there to try! ”, said Di Grassi.
The six best among the 27 starters were: 1) Nelson Piquet Jr / Fran Lara; 2) Lucas Di Grassi / Ricardo Baptista, at 2s312; 3) Thiago Camilo / Alceu Feldmann, at 17s237; 4) Guilherme Salas / Pedro Aguiar, at 19s200; 5) Felipe Massa / Lico Kaesemodel, at 30s917; 6) Bueno / Franco, at 38s248.