Lucas says team will use calendar break to improve the performance the car performance
(Português do Brasil) Novo recorde do brasileiro, alcançado na etapa anterior, é mais um incentivo para a equipe Audi...
Brazilian started in 15th and in the second third of the race he was already in sixth
Brazilian to compete in Mexico one year after electrifying battle for first place
Di Grassi started from 22nd, finished seventh and was the driver who did more overtakings in the Chilean heat
Team feelings about car remain high. Brazilian driver believes they can fight for another podium
(Português do Brasil) Piloto da Audi terminou a segunda corrida da rodada dupla na Arábia Saudita na segunda colocaç...
Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.
In the picture above, winning car arrives at the garage area and is greeted with party by the team
(Português do Brasil) Procedimento incorreto impediu que Lucas pudesse consolidar uma vitória inédita que estava muit...
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