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Lucas to race for the last time in Stock Car this Sunday

Di Grassi will concentrate on the Formula E Series and the consolidation of Roborace


Lucas Di Grassi will take part next Sunday in Interlagos in the Hero Super Final, the closing race for the 2018 Brazilian Stock Car season. This will also be the last race of Lucas in the series. Di Grassi recently announced that in 2019 he will focus on the Formula E World Championship race and preparations for the launch of Roborace, the first championship to put human drivers and cars equipped with artificial intelligence side by side on the track.

“The departure of the Hero Motorsport team, which will leave Stock Car next year, was the missing element to make me decide to focus on F-E and Roborace alone,” said Lucas. “We had a great season, with three wins, something above expectations. I think we all ended up happy with what we did. The 2018 season was a little harder for me, because I had to split up between F-E, the development of Roborace and the Stock Car series – not to mention other projects I am involved with. I’ve done a lot of traveling between countries and this is something I want to reduce a lot, because I want to stay closer to my son, who is not even one year old, and my wife. They are fundamental, “added Lucas.

Alongside five-time champ Cacá Bueno, Di Grassi is already the driver with the most wins in the debut season among all who currently compete in the series. A win at Interlagos on Sunday would leave him alone in this matter. “It’s always difficult to win in the Brazilian Stock Car, but when we raced here earlier this year, we were very strong and we could have won. Too bad the car broke down and caused me to chash. Let’s see what happens now, “commented the Formula E world champion.