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Lucas sets best Stock Car lap of all times

Di Grassi established best average time for a lap registered by the national series


The race on the external ring of the Ayrton Senna International Autodrome in Goiânia is set to be a most exciting Stock Car round in the 2018 season. That is the opinion of the 33 drivers participating in the sixth round of the Brazilian Stock Car Championship, the famous Million Race. In the first day of testing, the domain fell to Lucas Di Grassi, who set the fastest lap in the history of Stock.

Scheduled for the morning, the works began only at 2:30 p.m. due to last-minute repairs on the track surface and guard rails. That made the teams work at a frenetic pace in the preparation of the cars.

“I did not expect to be the best on the first day because the focus of the team was working to improve the car. Obviously a result like this is always a very good thing, but it was not what we tried to do. We are looking for the improvement of the car and the P1 is a consequence of that. That’s how we have to work, “said Di Grassi, who makes his first full season in the series and has already won two races in four races he competed.

The Hero Motorsport’s driver set a best lap on 47s756 (average of 203.33 km / h), far surpassing the previous record set in 2000 by Xandy Negrão in the oval circuit of Jacarepaguá. At the time, Negrão established the pole position with the average of 196,061 km / h. Di Grassi said there is still room for improvement: “You can improve the car even more tomorrow. And if we stop evolving, the others will not. So we have to keep working. “