Audi E-tron FE07, Cutaway View

F-E: aboard the new Audi e-tron FE07, Di Grassi is back on track

Valencia, in Spain, will host the entire grid of the World Championship starting this Saturday

Lucas Di Grassi begins his campaign for the 2021 season of Formula E this Saturday (28), when the Audi Sport team will participate in the collective test session of the World Championship, scheduled to happen until the first of December, next Tuesday, in Valencia (Spain). It will also be the first official contact of the Brazilian with the Audi e-tron FE07 model equipped with the new MGU05 engine, which for the first time was fully developed by the German factory. The Formula E 2021 season will officially begin on January 16, in Chile.
“Audi was able to produce a lighter and more efficient powertrain. And we will put it to the test in Valencia ”, highlights Di Grassi. “For example, the weight savings with the inverter was 35kg, this alone is a huge gain in terms of engineering. The electric-electronic system in Formula E is very important and determines a large part of what the car will be able to do”, concluded Di Grassi.

Efficiency – To achieve the best result, the Audi Sport team invested heavily in tests that pushed the new powertrain to the limit in all possible conditions. “The engineers reached very expressive numbers. The powertrain reached an efficiency rate of 95%. If you consider the inverter alone, the rate is 97%. This shows not only that electric motors are very promising in terms of use in vehicles, racing or street, but it is also a sign that Audi is again making good use of the development environment offered by Formula E. Compare this engine with a combustion engine that delivers the same power of 250 kW, our efficiency is practically twice as much”, evaluates the Brazilian driver.