Audi E-tron FE05 #11 (Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler), Lucas Di Grassi

In a new track layout, Lucas encourages team to continue progressing

The 2017 world champion saw advances in FE05 in Marrakesh and expects more in Chile


The Formula E World Championship third round takes place on Saturday (26) and presents a novelty: the layout of the new track in the streets of Santiago, Chile, is not known by the teams and drivers and, together with the high temperatures foreseen for race day should present new challenges for competitors. On Saturday, the weather forecast predicts 37oC in the Chilean capital.

“It must be a totally different race from the two we did this season in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Firstly because it will be on a new track layout and the first 100% street course. And also because of the temperatures, which will be much higher and affect everything from the behavior of the car to the physical condition of the drivers, “says Lucas Di Grassi.

“The good news is that we had a clear progress in the car from the first to the second race and we are confident that in Santiago we will take a step forward. We have the potential and we are positive about it. The team is working hard and when it is so the results tend to appear. That’s it, guys, let’s fight! ” said the Brazilian, world champion of 2017.

In Riyadh, the site of the first race, Audi’s FE05 debuted with racing rhythm problems, with Lucas finishing ninth. In Marrakesh, the Brazilian was seventh and scored the best lap. If it were not for the technical problems in the car during practice, Lucas might have already fought for the first podium in 2019 – the Audi team’s goal in Santiago.

The new track is located in Parque O’Higgins, central region of the Chilean capital, and has 2,348 meters in length. With 14 curves and relatively long straights. “The main feature of the track used in 2018 was to be very undulating. Let’s see how the track surface is this year, but from what we saw in the layout the track must be really cool. We’ll have a good race there, “Di Grassi says.